Cheap furniture Removalists

Cheapmoversperth Provided Office relocation services in Perth

For experienced and cost-effective furniture removalists, look no further!

No depot charge, no minimum hours and no fuel cost.

Take the hassle and stress out of moving house when you use Melbourne Cheap Movers. Every job booked with our cheap removalist company is done by professional and experienced house movers with the all right equipment at hand. Whether you’re looking to move just a bedroom set or an entire grand piano, we perform every task smoothly at a price so low, it seems magical.

Enquire and book by
Calling Us on : 1300 841 842 or 03 8682 8926
Even better, just – it’s that easy!
Budget Removalist Prices from
Just $30* AND $55/hr For Moving in Vans
$90/hr for 2 Men with 4 tonne Truck
$99/hr for 2 Men with 6 tonne Truck

We’re Melbourne’s favourite convenient, quick and affordable furniture movers– with us, you won’t have to break a sweat! Our service area includes:

Moving house in Melbourne? Contact our specialists for budget moving services!

From moving houses to office relocation services, we’ll perform cheap removal from any location with no extra charge for stairs to the first level of buildings. From garage sales to IKEA, Trading Post to Salvos, anywhere and anytime you need something moved, we’re the moving company to call.

With budget prices from just $30*, take advantage of our Melbourne removalist expertise:

  • $55/hr for 1 man van
  • $75/hr for 2 man van
  • $90/hr for 2 Men with 4 tonne Truck
  • $99/hr for 2 Men with 6 tonne Truck

* We pride ourselves in providing quality, responsible work for all our customers. However it is still recommended that a representative from your side must be present at all times during the move.

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