Furniture Removals Melbourne to Brisbane

Melbourne to Brisbane Removalists – Weekly Scheduled Services

I was very impressed with the total package that Noosa Van Lines provide. My goods were not only delivered all in one piece but I was always met with professionalism when ever I contacted the company. I highly recommend them. Thank you

Great service will definitely recommend your company to others

We were very impressed by the professional and friendly approach of all men that delivered our items and would not hesitate to use Noosa Van Lines again

I thought Noosa Van Lines were absolutely wonderful with my move interstate. Mark was very helpful and professional and promptly answered any queries I had and made it all really easy. And the boys who did the removal treated my goods with care and respect and my goods arrived exactly when they said they would. Thank you all very much for making the whole process really easy and stress-free. See you next move.

Great service from first phone call to final delivery. Thankyou

Great Service the move from the storage locker to our house went very well and was so easy. I met the movers at the storage location and they packed the truck up and then rung me when they where leaving to meet them at the house to unload. Both movers where very professional and courteous. Would highly recommend the company to anyone.

We used Noosa Van Lines for our local move in Noosa Waters. From our first communication with them they were easy to deal with, very professional and they outlined options on how best to conduct the move on the day. The team that did the move were fantastic. They were very focussed on ensuring all our goods were well protected and worked very efficiently to get the move completed in a timely manner. We would have no hesitation in using Noosa Van Lines again and have already recommended them to our friends. A great experience for us on a day which normally includes plenty of stress.

I read pages and pages of horror stories in my search for a reliable removalist to move my stuff from Brisbane to Melbourne. Countless negative reviews gave me nightmares about how terrible it was going to be and it seemed impossible to find a good company online. But we took a chance on Noosa Van Lines because A: They had a Facebook group that seemed positive, and B: I struggled to find any negative reviews. That's it. But what else can you go on? Turns out it was the right decision. I don't even have friends that are as punctual as NVS. Like, literally, to the minute punctual. And friendly. And fast. I can't recommend them more. Excellent team. Thank you.

Great service and follow at every step of the way. Not a big move but that did not matter - still given excellent service. Driver that picked goods up was professional, polite and obliging. Would recommend for your next move without hesitation.

Noosa Van Lines staff & services were so professional, prompt & reliable with our move from Queensland to Victoria. We would not hesitate to use them again & would highly recommend them.

Your team were both professional and caring in their attitude to us. Very impressed with the fact all had a uniform on were smartly dressed and clean and tidy. Could not do enough for us. You can be very proud of your team.

Noosa Van Lines gave us excellent service & would gladly recommend them to anyone

A pleasure to deal with from the start, nothing was a problem. Chris the driver was excellent all round.

Geoff & Cheryl Elith

Kieran & his Partner were absolutely professional. Our move went extremely smoothly even with some parking issues at our new address which Kieran sorted out very quickly. A truly stress free move !! Geoff & Cheryl Elith.

Thanks to Noosa Van Lines for a very professional approach to shifting our furniture. The three boys worked so efficiently, carefully handled the furniture down our three storied duplex and then ensured that the furniture was exactly where we wanted it in our new home. Excellent service and reasonably priced ...thanks again.

Great service from Noosa Van Lines. Thank you for a stressfred move

Robert & Gail Potter

Great to have dealt with you, top service And staff. Thank you. Bob & Gail Potter

Mark and the guys were terrific, very helpful and professional. Regards Ron

We always use Noosa Van Lines because of their friendly and caring staff. They make moving easy and stress free. David and Dan where lovely.

We found Noosa Van Lines staff very professional, courteous and efficient. This assisted in making a very difficult move run more smoothoy

My family moved to Tewantin from Sydney over 10 years ago with Noosa Van Lines and Noosa Van Lines were of course our first and only choice for our most recent move. Jason and Keiran were the Gents to assist us on the day and I couldn't have been happier with their service and professionalism. Noosa Van Lines have a brilliant team including Mark who was able to answer questions and Scott for our Quote. A brilliant company with a great team, again well done and thank you.

Thanks so much - you and your team made the whole moving experience a lot more relaxing ... and your guys were friendly, efficient and highly competent. Wayne

I recently moved from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast. Noosa Van Lines provided an excellent service at a very competitive price. Communication was easy and staff were very friendly. Pick-up and delivery were punctual. There was no damage to any of my effects. I can thoroughly recommend Noosa Van Lines and would be very happy to use their services again.

I recently moved from Sydney NSW to the Sunshine Coast here in Queensland and used the services of Noosa Van Lines, I found all the staff to be professional, friendly and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone considering moving, a first class company! Blair Kingsland Peregain Springs Queensland

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LTL Shop LTL Black Sofa Bed Microfiber Futon Folding Couch w/ 6" Mattress Sleep Recliner Lounger
Furniture (LTL Shop)
  • Product Dimensions: Sofa: 68.5IN (L) x 20IN (W) x 30IN (H)
  • Weight: 64.5 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs.
  • Bed: 68.5IN (L) x 40IN (W) x 13.5IN (H)
  • Mattress thickness: 5.5IN

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