Furniture Removals Wellington

Low cost Wellington furniture movers

Wellington furniture movers is our specialty

As an independently owned furniture removalist, Kiwimove operate from Wellington and Auckland and everywhere in between. From moving a whole house, one room or one piece of furniture, Kiwimove has an experienced team to make sure your valuables get from A to B safely and efficiently.

Our team of furniture movers are dedicated to a safe move, with modern and reliable trucks, using suitable moving equipment to protect all your items during the move.

We do Wellington office relocations too!

Our experience in planned office relocation bring you a secure, efficient and seamless office move with minimum disruption to your business and your employees.

Our focus is on YOU!

Helpful customer service is at the focus of every move. From your first contact with us to when we say good luck in your new place, we aim for a stress-free move with courteous communication, safe and cost effective furniture removals.

We can provide everything to lighten your load during your move – clean and strong boxes and packaging materials, efficient packing and unpacking services, comprehensive transit insurance and exit cleaning.

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