International furniture Removals South Africa

Free Home SurveyAt Excess International Movers we have grown to become one of the leading furniture shipping companies, thanks to our knowledgeable staff, prompt deliveries and our economical fees. We have gained over 30 years’ experience in moving furniture to South Africa, so we feel comfortable calling ourselves specialists!

We can ship everything from a bedside cabinet, a dressing table, sofa, dining table and chairs, chest of drawers, to beds, wardrobes and beyond.

We like to make shipping affordable as well as simple. That’s why, our furniture shipping rates are tailored to suit individual loads based the volume of the shipment and shipping method:

Less Container Load: LCL is best if you are shipping small quantities of furniture items. Furniture will be secured in place and shipped within a shared container. You will only pay for the space your furniture occupies within this container.

Full Container Load: If you want to ship a whole home load, or multiple large and bulky furniture items, FCL will be the recommended shipping method. You will be charged for a 20ft or 40ft shipping container for your sole use depending on your shipment size. You can fill the container how you wish.

Door to Door Shipping Furniture to South Africa

When you ship furniture to South Africa with Excess International Movers, you won’t have to lift a finger. We handle everything from the shipping and delivery of furniture, to ensuring your belongings are not damaged in transit.

Included in the cost of shipping furniture to South Africa is:

☑A move co-ordinator to organise every aspect of your furniture removals to South Africa

☑Export packers and movers to pack & protect your goods using the highest-quality industry approved packing materials • Items taking for loading onto containers, then shipped to South Africa

☑Furniture delivered and unloaded at the kerbside of your chosen location

☑Shipping fees, customs clearances and terminal fees Shipping furniture to South Africa from the UK really couldn’t be any easier.

Popular Destinations for Shipping Furniture to South Africa

Our furniture shipping service covers countless towns and cities throughout South Africa. Although not limited to, some of the destinations we most frequently ship to include:

Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg, Pretoria, Evaton, George, Witbank, Bloemfontein, Soshanguve, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Orkney, Rustenburg, Paarl, Queenstown, Ermelo, Polokwane, Mondlo, Sasolburg, Nigel

We have built up a well-earned reputation for sending furniture to South Africa, and the safe delivery of your possessions is of utmost importance to us.

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