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The Lakeside Collection catalog is a home decor catalog / furniture catalog from The Lakeside Collection based out of Northbrook, IL. The free catalog details items for your home, family, and hobbies.

The Lakeside Collection catalog is also a gift catalog where you'll find collectibles, DVDs, books, electronics, and more for the people in your life. They also provide perfect gifts for the family and holiday seasons.

The products in The Lakeside Collection catalog are quality products for low prices. What a great way to make your house look great and save some money as you go!

How to Request a The Lakeside Collection Catalog

The catalog request form requires your first and last name, mailing address, and email address. While you must fill out all of those fields in order to receive the free The Lakeside Collection catalog, you don't have to create a user account, pay for shipping, or anything like that.

Note: By default, before you request the free catalog from The Lakeside Collection, you're automatically enrolled in an email service where The Lakeside Collection can send you promotional emails. You can uncheck the box next to that option before you sign up for the free catalog if you don't wish to get those types of emails.

Unchecking that box won't affect whether or not you can get the catalog for free, though, because it's entirely optional.

Choose the Sign Up button after finishing the form to submit your request to The Lakeside Collection for the free catalog to be mailed to you. The catalog might very well arrive sooner than later, but you can expect it within the next three weeks.

Once submitted, you should get an email that confirms your free catalog request from The Lakeside Collection. This email is purely informative, so you don't have to verify your address, confirm the email, or do anything else at this point except wait for the catalog to reach your door.

Tip: If you just can't wait the 3 weeks to get your The Lakeside Collection catalog in the mail, you can browse many of their current and upcoming catalogs online on the The Lakeside Collection's website. Viewing the catalogs this way is handy not only because you can do so instantly from any computer that has Internet, but also because you can sort all the products by price, some of which aren't even included in the paper catalogs.

The Lakeside Collection Catalog Restrictions

Some home decor, gift, and furniture catalogs from other companies can be mailed to non-U.S. addresses, but if you want to receive a free The Lakeside Collection catalog, you'll unfortunately need to be living in the United States.

However, if your address is outside the US, just use the link above to see The Lakeside Collection catalog online. Since it's accessible online, it doesn't really matter where you live as long as you have an Internet connection.

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