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Furniture removal companies specialize in safely and efficiently removing furniture and other home or business equipment that’s too large for people to remove themselves without help. Many companies that remove furniture often can haul away any type of large items. Some companies, such as On the Move, also offer furniture assembly and moving services. Removing furniture requires the same type of expertise that general home movers possess as well as the right equipment, including straps, pads, blankets, dollies, and a vehicle or vehicles large enough to hold furniture.

Size and quantity

The cost of furniture removal generally depends on how many items need to be removed and how bulky and heavy they are. Some nonfurniture items, such as refrigerators, require extra care, so they will cost more for removal and disposal. For awkward items or if you have an entire room, home or office full of things to be removed, it may be more cost-effective to hire a larger company or local franchise of a nationally known junk removal service, such as Junk King Chicago Downtown. These companies will be more likely to have all the equipment, insurance coverage and manpower you need.


Where the furniture you need removed is located may affect the cost. For example, if you live in an apartment on the third floor of a building with no freight elevator or if you live in a two-story home and everything to be removed is upstairs, costs will be higher. Removing a large piece, such as an armoire, from an upstairs room requires special equipment and more than one person, both of which will contribute to a higher price.

Heavy items

Armoires, large bed frames, solid wood pieces and pullout sofa beds are all heavy, bulky items that will take at least two people to haul away. They may even need to be disassembled. Ask if the removal company can handle such pieces before they arrive. Pullout sofas, in particular, are much heavier than standard couches because of the built-in bed frame and mattress—as much as 100 pounds more. A quick search on "typical furniture weight" will bring up a variety of tools and reference sites to help you estimate how much the pieces you need removed weigh.


How the furniture removal service plans to dispose of the items can affect their rates. For example, Goodwill takes second-hand furniture but not mattresses, which may have to be disposed of at a nearby dump (typically for a fee). Other furniture removers dispose of furniture in the most environmentally responsible way possible by recycling or reclaiming materials to help keep as much furniture as possible from going to landfill. This practice can also affect the cost of services.

Licensing and insurance

If the furniture removers need to enter your home or business to remove furniture, be sure to ask if the company has liability insurance to cover any damages that occur during removal. Atlanta Junk Pilot notes in its Thumbtack profile that the company is fully licensed and insured.

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