How to get rid of office furniture?

How to Recycle Office Chairs | RecycleNation

When it’s time to do away with your old assets, it doesn’t mean it’s time to drag them out to the curb as a form of office furniture removal. Although direct disposal may sound like the simplest option, there are other office furniture removal and disposal avenues that can rid you of your old assets in the best possible way. If your old office furniture has run its course at your company, BE Furniture can dispose of your office furniture responsibly.

Reenergize, Recycle, Reuse

Here at BE Furniture, we help small companies and corporations respect the environment with eco-friendly office furniture removal. Recycling is important to not only the planet, but to our clients as well. Now more than ever, consumers are demanding environmentally friendly options for anything from plastic bags to furniture. BE Furniture is happy to accommodate economically and environmentally friendly office furniture removal options.

There are several possible avenues for eco-friendly office furniture removal dependent upon the size and materials of the pieces you want to get rid of. Our team of office furniture experts may disassemble your old office furniture so that some, or all, of the materials can recycled to design and develop other office furniture and décor.

Office Items Eligible For Disposal

BE Furniture will generally dispose of and recycle the following forms of office furniture:

  • Desks
  • Filing cabinets
  • Book shelves
  • Office chairs
  • Cubicle walls
  • Carpet

With proper eco-friendly disposal, rest assured your old office furniture will be put to the best use possible.

And the Boxes They Came In

Our commitment extends right down to the packaging. We use alternative packaging materials wherever possible and properly dispose of cardboard and Styrofoam.

Inspection and Recycling Process

Your office items will be inspected to ensure they are eligible for recycling. BE Furniture will inspect each item to determine the type of materials used to construct your office furniture and how they are best suited for recycling. In general, metal is best for recycling, but composite wood can be broken down as well. Real wood can also be made into mulch or reused in another fashion. Your carpets may be broken down and turned into new carpeting or plastic resin for use in other products.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Office Furniture Disposal

Other than helping the environment, there are other benefits for disposing of your office furniture with BE Furniture. These benefits include:

  • Furniture breakdown by our experienced staff
  • Removal from your office or warehouse
  • Peace of mind with eco-friendly disposal
  • Cleaning your office space and minimizing environmental impact
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