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Bob’s White Glove Delivery Service is handled by a team of authorized delivery professionals working across the region to ensure the safe delivery of your new furniture into your home. Once you purchase your furniture we will call you to confirm your delivery date with an opportunity for you to reschedule if needed; then using state of the art delivery software we will route your delivery and give you a call with your estimated 4 hour delivery window; and, finally, on the day of delivery you can track your delivery team using my . Also, take advantage of these other resources to ensure the best delivery experience from Bob’s: our and the FAQ’s below! Thank you for shopping at Bob’s!

Q: How can I determine if Bob’s delivers to my area?

A: Simply enter your 5 digit zip code in the space provided below, and click the submit button. This will tell you if the authorized delivery team deliver to your area and also list nearby store locations.

Q: Can I track the arrival of my delivery or service online?

A: Yes! You can track your Delivery or Service online with Bob's . Look up your Delivery or Service window up to 2 days in advance of the scheduled date. Simply enter your phone number or customer number (found on the upper left hand corner of your receipt, above your name) in the appropriate space provided. On the day of your scheduled Delivery or Service, the Tracker provides a 30 minute window for the expected arrival time. This timeframe will continually update based on driver GPS location to provide the most current, real time arrival estimates. If you do not have internet access you can always call Customer Care at 860-474-1000 or 800-569-1284, and we will be more than happy to assist you in getting your Delivery or Service window information. Items shipped via FedEx cannot be tracked using Bob's online Delivery & Service Tracker. Please note: mybobs.com and the Delivery & Service Tracker tool are not compatible with Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). Please upgrade your browser to a newer version in order to shop mybobs.com and use the Delivery & Service Tracker tool, and all our other web site tools and features effectively.

Q: What can I expect prior to my delivery or service?

A: We will give you a call 5 days before your scheduled delivery to make sure you are still available to receive your new furniture on your scheduled day. If you cannot receive your furniture, you will be given the option to contact us to reschedule. Changes to orders should be made at least 3 days prior to the scheduled delivery date.Two days prior to your delivery/service you will be given a call that will provide with a 4 hour window for your delivery, or 2 hour window for service. Please be advised we are an all day delivery service. Bob's Authorized delivery teams and service technicians do their best to stay within the time frame provided. However, other factors may arise that are beyond our control, such as traffic or bad weather, and may cause them to arrive earlier or later than expected. As such, we ask that you select a day for delivery or service when you have a flexible schedule. Check it out online with the can be a useful tool to help you track the estimated arrival time and to keep you updated throughout the day.

Q: When will my Outlet merchandise that I purchased online be delivered?

A: Due to limited quantities, most Outlet merchandise must be delivered within 2 weeks, pending available delivery dates. Some Outlet items may require transfer within distribution centers requiring up to 3 – 4 weeks for availability.

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The First Years The First Years Take & Toss Spill-Proof Straw Cups - 10Oz, 4 Pack
Baby Product (The First Years)
  • Straw sippers
  • Durable enough to use over and over
  • Ideal for thirsty toddlers or preschoolers
  • Fast flow straw keeps liquid away from developing teeth
  • Snap on travel lids are leak resistant
Waxman Super Sliders Round Movers for Furniture on Carpeted Surfaces – Reusable – 4 Pack – 3½-inch Diameter
Home Improvement (Waxman)
  • EASY FURNITURE MOVING - This product supports furniture bases for quick and hassle-free moving. Discs come in a 4-pack and are 3 ½ inches round diameter.
  • FIRM GRIP - These sliders feature durable rubber foam that securely grips furniture for a long-lasting hold.
  • REUSABLE - These hard plastic sliders are reusable and removable for quick installation and cleaning.
  • FOR CARPETED SURFACES - These sliders are designed to move any furniture conveniently across a carpeted surface.
  • VERSATILE - This product can be used on home furniture like dressers, recliners, and heavy appliances.
Keenway CP Toys Happy Home Take-Along Plastic Doll House with 26 pc Furniture Set and 4 Articulated Figures
Toy (Keenway)
  • Includes house with 4 people, 1 dog and 26 pieces of furniture
  • Easily folds and carries for take-along fun
  • Measure 27½ L. when open
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (included)
  • Ages 3 yrs.+
TOPBRY Lint Roller Powerful Pet Hair Fluff Remover Sticky Picker Set Cleaner with Extra 3 Roll Adhesive Stickers Refill for Clothes Furniture Car Carpet (A)
Pet Products (TOPBRY)
  • 【Product size】:18*11*5.8cm ,include extra 3 roll adhesive sticker ;Adhesive sticker size is 10*3.8*3.8cm ,each roll is 60 PCS.
  • 【strong viscosity】:Adhesive grabs tough to remove pet hair;keep clothes lint,fuzz and hair free; .
  • 【Portable】:Quickly Picks up pet hair,lint and dust from virtually anywhere. easy storage or to take with you when you travel.
  • 【Easy to use】:Tear off adhesive sticker after each using , roll paper can be replenish.
  • 【Widely used】:Perfectly safe to use on all different types of fabrics and can be used to clean furniture, comforters, clothing, floors, spills and even the upholstery...
Hifi-Change Hifi-Change Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Control-Electronic Plug In-Repellent for Insects-Cockroach, Rodents, Flies, Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Fleas, Mice
Lawn & Patio (Hifi-Change)
  • ✔Efficient--This pest repeller emits 25KHz-65KHz ultrasonic waves periodically that can disorder endocrine system and physiological function of insects and small...
  • ✔Three frequencies--First section ultrasonic wave, 25KHZ-45KHZ, Red light,Working 160 seconds. second section ultrasonic wave, 35KHZ-55KHZ, Blue light, Working 320...
  • ✔ Save Money-- Save thousands of dollars, without using any kind of poison, risky traps, or chemicals that smell horrible and burns your eyes, best use one unit...
  • ✔Child & Pet Safe--By leveraging advanced ultrasonic & electromagnetic waves that pass through your walls, furniture and ceiling, you can drive out bugs...
  • ✔Lifetime Guarantee--This product is backed by our Lifetime guarantee because we want to help you get rid of those pest and we offer a money back guarantee if you...

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