Where to Dump unwanted furniture?

Six household items and how to sell, donate or dump them - The

Illegal dumping is a growing challenge for the sidewalks of San Francisco, with debris such as furniture, mattresses and appliances left out on the sidewalks near homes, schools and places of business. There is a significant cost associated with the seemingly innocent practice of unloading unwanted items and expecting that there is a service in place to pick them up.

Sidewalk dumping:

  1. Makes neighborhoods look unsightly
  2. Attracts graffiti and other types of vandalism
  3. Encourages more litter and other bulky item dumping
  4. Is very costly to the taxpayer and wastes other community resources
  5. Presents a safety hazard by obstructing pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists
  6. Attracts vermin, bacteria and mold

It is illegal to leave furniture, appliances, garbage bags, or anything on the sidewalk at any time unless you have a scheduled pick up from a licensed hauler or donation facility. There are quick, convenient and easy ways to get rid of your old junk:

  1. If you are paying for garbage service, all you need to do is schedule a free pickup. Contact your refuse company Recology at recyclemyjunk.com or (415) 330-1300. Program rules apply.
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