Furniture Removal San Diego

Junk King Franchise Owner, Larry Morgan.

Meet the Owner

Larry Morgan, North San Diego, CA

Junk King North San Diego in Carlsbad is spearheaded by Larry Morgan. Larry shares Junk King’s concern for the environment that is why it was so easy for him to follow the company’s philosophy. Junk King recycles or donates 60% of its haul. Larry is not just concerned with recycling; he is also concerned with re-purposing the junk he collects from customers. Larry and his team spread the love by helping families in need. They recycle and repurpose the usable junk they haul and give it to families who need them.

“We collected a truck full of good condition furniture and delivered it to a lady and her child a week before Christmas. They had spent the past weeks in a temporary shelter for abused women. The mother was almost in tears when she laid her eyes on the furniture and the bike we gave to her child.”

The North San Diego County used to be just a strip of sandy walkways and beaches in the 50s, but the area has changed significantly since then. The North San Diego area has transformed into a bustling metropolis. This growth requires a green solution for junk removal, and Junk King San Diego is just the company to call for that.

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Groom Industries Groom Industries Grandi Groom Carpet Rake
Health and Beauty (Groom Industries)
  • Revitalize tired looking high-pile carpet
  • 18 inches head covers large areas
  • Remove pet hair from carpet and furniture
  • Use to scrub deep spots and food stains
IBBM 2 Pack Mattress Bag for Moving and Storage - Extra Thick 3-Mil Heavy Duty - 76 Inch x 104 Inch Full/Queen Size - Fits Standard, Extra-Long, Pillow-top Variation
Kitchen ()
  • 3-Mil EXTRA THICK: IBBM mattress bag is extra thick and stronger than typical mattress storage bags. Durable, rip resistant and commercial grade material protects...
  • SUPER SIZE: Actual Bag Size: 62x14x104 inches. Bags easily fit over any twin, twin xl, full, full xl, queen size or QUEEN size variations of standard, extra-long...
  • EASY AND SAFE TO USE: Sealed on three sides and opened on one end which can be sealed with tape over the mattress. It s designed to be slightly larger than the mattress...
  • New 2017 DESIGN: It s perfect for moving, long term storage or mattress disposal, and can be sealed tight at the end with packaging tape like pillow case.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you aren t 100% satisfied, just contact us! We promise your money back or replacement with no questions asked or charge.
tilehoo tilehoo Peel and Stick Wall Tile in Square Fruit (Set of 10)
Home (tilehoo)
  • Fruit adhesive wall tiles
  • Simple - Just Peel & Stick! (not just a sticker!) size (9 x 9 inches)
  • Sticks To Clean & Sleek Surfaces ,waterpoof
  • Resistant to heat and moisture, Easy wipe to remove the stains!
  • color: fruit vinyl wall tile peel and stick

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