Furniture Removal Truck Hire

How to choose rental truck sizesFor your upcoming move you have decided to rent a moving truck but have no clue what truck size you should get - Sound like you? If you search the web you will find many references and opinions, some extremely generic (14' will move 1-2 bedrooms) and others offering a more advanced opinion (12 ft. truck = 450 cu. ft.). The problem, we believe at least, lies in the interpretation of information provided - 1-2 bedrooms may mean something completely different in Arizona than in New York City.

Process of Elimination - A Look at Rental Truck Sizes

The simplest way to choose your rental truck size is to eliminate possibilities that do not exist in your situation. For example, if you have chosen to utilize Budget Truck you will only have three available size options: 10', 16' and 24'. In case you're wondering, 94% of people relocating with a rental truck choose their company based on price or geographical limitations. With that in mind we can assume that most people will have between 3 and 5 truck size options to choose from depending on which company is being used.

Remember the golden rule: If you're ever unsure you should always defer to a larger truck size. This is especially true if you are relocating long distance and multiple trips is not an option. Ask yourself, if I am unable to fit everything into the rental truck what would I do?

Rental Trucks for Small Moves

  • Small rental trucks should be used primarily for local moves. Only consider renting a 10'-12' truck if you have a studio or small one bedroom apartment with minimal furniture.
  • Most small moving trucks have rear wheel wells that stick out and reduce the amount of flat cargo space.
  • You will likely find that a larger truck (see medium sizes below) costs the same or sometimes less than a small truck. This is because most companies don't have an extensive inventory of small trucks whereas they usually have a large inventory of medium trucks.
  • Fuel economy for small rental trucks tends to be 9-14 MPG.
Rental Company Truck Size Size Class
U-Haul 10' Small
Budget Truck
Penske Truck 12'

Try our new rental truck fuel calculator! Accurately estimate your gas expenses while relocating.

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