Furniture Removal Services

Old-couchWe provide quick and quality service in removing your old furniture.

Old couches, sleeper sofas, dining room sets, dressers, desks, entertainment centers and old bed room sets including the mattresses .

We can also take some of the furniture to donation centers, furniture resale shops or a location of your choice for a tax credit. By using donation centers and resale shops, we save on disposal fees and that means so do you !!

We can make small moves for you to storage units or your next destination as well.

Trust All Clear with all your furniture removal. We are insured and experienced. We do not chip walls or crack tiles while getting that old stuff out of your life. We also work with you if you are purchasing new furniture and will schedule your removal around when your new items arrive so you will not spend one night sitting on the floor !! Call today for an estimate.

We have more than 20 years of experience that we'll put to good use for you; our bonded and insured haulers will handle your items carefully, so we won't damage anything on

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