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Moving Long Distance Within NZ - New Zealand Movers

You'll find that pre-planning how you'll load reduces loading time and fatigue. And, just as important, it ensures your belongings travel safer.

  • Place everything you can inside similar-size moving-grade boxes (rather than "grocery store" boxes or plastic totes). Moving boxes were designed for easy "squaring-off, " which helps maintain the integrity of the load as items are stacked on top.
  • Make sure all boxes are labeled with their contents and destination room location.
  • Wrap all unboxed items in paper padding, plastic stretch wrap or furniture pads.
  • Wrap upholstered furniture with self-adhering plastic wrap, paper padding or furniture pads to protect from soil and punctures.
  • Wrap wood or metal furniture with moving pads or paper padding. Pay special attention to corners and legs.
  • Wrap mirrors, large framed pictures and marble table tops in plenty of paper padding or furniture pads.
  • Use plastic wrap or packing tape to secure moving pads or paper padding to furniture (making sure not to place tape directly on furniture).
  • Be generous with padding to avoid scratches, gouges, and broken items.
  • Disassemble furniture such as kitchen tables, entertainment centers, bed frames, headboards, footboards, and dresser mirrors.
  • Keep in mind that furniture made of particle board is more susceptible to damage when shipped assembled. It is not built to withstand the normal stresses that occur when traveling in a moving truck (which is why manufacturers ship disassembled). While it is safer to move this type of furniture disassembled, it can be less sturdy after being taken apart and reassembled.
  • Wrap bed rails or disassembled table legs and roll them into large rugs or carpets.
  • Remove shelves from bookcases, armoires, etc., and wrap them separately (if removable).
  • Remove hardware, screws, parts, etc., from furniture, place them in a sealable bag and tape to the back of furniture or inside a drawer.
  • Prior to moving day, measure doorways to determine the best door to move large furniture out of.
  • Remove all food from refrigerators/freezers.
  • Defrost refrigerators/freezers 24-48 hours prior to loading.
  • Hang a bag of charcoal or coffee beans/grounds inside refrigerator/freezer to prevent "musty" odors.
  • Disconnect water/ice-maker lines and tape the cord to the back of the refrigerator/freezer.
  • Avoid tipping your refrigerator/freezer on its side as this can cause damage to the compressor.
  • Drain all water out of washing machines 24 hours prior to loading. Avoid doing a load of laundry the day of the move.
  • Tip the washing machine backward to drain as much water as possible.
  • Place hoses from washer or dryer in a plastic bag and put them inside the unit.
  • Pack trays/glass shelves from microwaves and refrigerators inside a moving box.
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Shoulder Dolly 2-Person Lifting and Moving System - Easily Move, Lift, Carry, And Secure Furniture, Appliances, Heavy Objects Without Back Pain! Straps and Harnesses for 2 Movers - Great Tool To Add To Moving Supplies!
Home Improvement (Shoulder Dolly)
  • Keep arms and hands free - The Shoulder Dolly recognized the need for your arms to be unconstrained. The need for stabilization, opening doors, and overall balance...
  • Safely lift and move - Ergonomically designed to promote and facilitate proper lifting techniques.
  • Reduce back pain - Back pain and strain is avoided by ensuring proper lifting techniques and utilizing the body s strongest muscles, the legs and torso. Also significantly...
  • Versatility - Due to the seemingly unlimited adjustability of the strap through the buckle, users can move and lift heavy, bulky furniture easier than ever.
  • One size fits all - Differences in the height of movers are overcome due to the adjustability of the webbing through the buckle.
LINENSPA LINENSPA Mattress Storage Bag with Double Adhesive Closure - Fits Twin and Twin XL
Furniture (LINENSPA)
  • 3 mil polyethylene plastic blocks out moisture, dirt and pests
  • Flap closure with double adhesive seal for secure coverage
  • Easy to use; slide over mattress, remove paper backing on adhesive strips and press closed
  • Great for moving, storage and disposal of mattress or box spring
  • Includes one 54 inch by 95 inch mattress bag designed to accommodate a Twin or Twin XL mattress or box spring
Leather Cleaner & Conditioner by KevianClean - Auto Interior Detailing, Furniture, Upholstery, Sofa, Couch, Handbag, Purse, Shoe, Boot, Jacket, Car Seat Care, Protector and Restoration - 16 oz.
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Kevian Clean)
  • ✔ COMPLETE LEATHER CARE IN ONE BOTTLE - Cleans, conditions, moisturizes, protects, restores, revives and rejuvenates all types of finished leather items - new or...
  • ✔ YOUR LEATHER NEVER FELT BETTER - Never oily, greasy, wet or sticky. No masks, dyes, or color changes. Contains only natural, pH-Balanced ingredients that come...
  • ✔ PROTECTION YOU CAN COUNT ON - Penetrates deep into the leather fibers, replenishing lost oils, giving you the ultimate protection against premature aging, drying...
  • ✔ HELPS DIMINISH AND/OR REMOVE BLUE JEAN DYE STAINS - Clothing dye can be difficult to remove. We have a great success rate of returning leather items back to their...
  • ✔ 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Try it for 180 days, if you don t love your results, let us know and we ll help you get the best results - or your money...
RABBIT MAN - Warehouse Mini Car Truck Auto Dent Body Repair Glass Mover Tool Dent Remover Puller Glass Metal Lifter Suction Cup Locking Quick
Single Detail Page Misc (RABBIT MAN - Warehouse)
  • Material: ABS plastics, natural rubber base
  • Color: Yellow
  • Flat suction: 15/KG , Side Lay suction: 12/KG
  • Dimension: Approx. 5.5cm (Diameter)
  • Package Content: 1 x Glass Suction
Time Pawnshop Time Pawnshop Fashion Simple Stainless Steel Matte Finished Men Ring Size 12 US
Jewelry (Time Pawnshop)
  • This quality ring is a perfect gift for men, you can keep it as a daily jewelry
  • Affordable prices and luxury appearance
  • Handmade, each side using high quality materials
  • Placed in a beautiful gift box, perfect gift for yourself or loved one
  • Delivery time is 5-15 days, please ignore the Expected Delivery Time

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