Furniture Removals Mornington Peninsula

imgPCH Removals was founded by a team of professional movers with years of combined experience in furniture removals. PCH Removals are an Australian Victoria based house and office removals company specializing in all aspects of moving for private and business customers. We are operating on the Mornington Peninsula and wider Victoria. Our courteous staff are professionally trained to help you in all aspects of your removal. And the transportation of your precious items from one place to another assuring the best quality of service and timely turn around. At PCH Removals, we take pride in every job to ensure it is done properly and ensure the work is done efficiently and safely. Customer service and good communication is our number one priority as most of our new clients come from recommendations from families we have moved in the past. Our company is renowned for the high level of service we provide to our clients. Our team is ready to assist and help at all times regardless of the difficulties at hand

Our goal is to provide a high quality service to residential and business clients at affordable prices

Our services :

  • Removalist in Mornington Peninsula Victoria
  • Removalist in Melbourne Victoria
  • Removals in Mornington Peninsula Victoria
  • Removals in Melbourne Victoria
  • Moving in Mornington Peninsula Victoria
  • Moving in Melbourne Victoria
  • Movers in Mornington Peninsula Victoria
  • Movers in Melbourne Victoria
  • Furniture Removals in Melbourne Victoria
  • Furniture Removals in Mornington Peninsula Victoria
  • Moving House in Melbourne Victoria
  • Moving House in Mornington Peninsula Victoria
  • Furniture transport in Melbourne Victoria
  • Furniture transport in Mornington Peninsula Victoria

Where We Deliver…

Removalist Mornington, Bittern, Hastings, Shoreham, Dromana, Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, Bairnsdale, Benalla, Melton, Morwell, Mildura

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LTL Shop LTL Black Sofa Bed Microfiber Futon Folding Couch w/ 6" Mattress Sleep Recliner Lounger
Furniture (LTL Shop)
  • Product Dimensions: Sofa: 68.5IN (L) x 20IN (W) x 30IN (H)
  • Weight: 64.5 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs.
  • Bed: 68.5IN (L) x 40IN (W) x 13.5IN (H)
  • Mattress thickness: 5.5IN

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