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How will I know when my out-of-stock item is available?

  1. Your Sales Associate or an Online Order Representative will contact you to schedule delivery or in-store pick up when your out of stock item(s)
    arrive to our warehouse.
    Estimated Arrival Status:
    Early Month - First 10 Days
    Mid-Month - 11-20th of Month
    Late Month - Last 10 days of month

How will I know if a discount has been applied to my order?

  1. All discounts and offers will be applied to your online order at the time your order is received. You credit card will not be charged until all adjustments have been made to your purchase. You will receive an updated email invoice confirmation with your new total.

Do you offer price adjustments?

  1. If you can make an identical furniture purchase in our service area (50 Miles from any Art Van Furniture Store) for a lower amount (including local delivery charges) within 30 days of your purchase date, we will refund the difference plus an additional 10% of the difference. See store for details.

How do I cancel my order?

How do I obtain my full Art Van Signature account number?

  1. You can contact a Representative at 888-4-ARTVAN to assist in retrieving your Art Van Furniture Signature Card account number.

How do I make a payment on Art Van Signature Card?

  1. You can easily manage your Art Van Signature Card account through the below link:
    Art Van Signature Card Payment

How do I access my Synchrony Bank account?

  1. You can access your account with the below link:
    Synchrony Account Access

How do I apply to defer a payment?

  1. Contact Synchrony Bank directly at 866-419-4096 to discuss payments.

Is there a minimum payment required for a purchase on my Art Van Signature Card?

How do I obtain further information on the 90-Credit Not Required?

  1. Learn more and apply today for your Credit Not Required 90-Day financing through the below link:
    Credit Not Required 90-Day Financing

Do you offer any extended warranties?

  1. Art Van Furniture provides the opportunity to purchase programs to protect your furniture such as Five-year Complete Care, Leather, Fabric, Wood, Furniture and Mattress protection; as well as Clearance Center and Floor Sample coverage. See store or brochure for complete details.

How do I receive service on my Art Van Furniture purchased merchandise?

  1. Art Van Furniture is a factory-authorized service center for the furniture we sell. For one year after delivery, we offer free service on manufacturer's defects for households within our service area (50 Miles from any Art Van Furniture Store.) As your exclusive remedy, we repair the item or, at our option, replace it. Damage from use, such as scratches, tears, wear, color-fastness and/or other types are not covered. Clearance Center purchases, floor samples, purchases used commercially are excluded from this service option.

    Our Service and Warranty Department can be contacted directly at 800-662-0038. The Service and Warranty Department is open Monday - Friday, 9am-7pm EST and Saturday-Sunday from 9am-4pm EST.

What is included in your Warranties?

  1. Mattress Protection Warranty
    Art Van Furniture's 10-year Mattress Protector Program is a great way to maintain longevity of your investment. The warranty includes: protection against mattress protector staining from any normally consumed food and beverages, or human or pet bodily fluids. If a stain occurs, machine-wash and dry protector as quickly as possible, preferably while the stain is still wet. Always follow care instructions. If the stain persists, spot treat it with fabric spot cleaner and rewash the protector with a small amount of non-chlorine bleach. If the stain is still set, call Art Van customer service within 5 days of staining to make a warranty claim and receive a return authorization number. Bring the stained protector, in a garbage bag, to the store where you purchased the protector and we'll exchange it with a new protector free of charge. Remember to have your return authorization number with you. Please call Art Van customer service within 5 days of noticing a defect.
  2. Lifetime Stain Protection
    Our Program will provide you with peace of mind and help ensure every inch of your upholstery will look newer longer.

    The Art Van Lifetime Stain Protection Program Includes: Coverage for stains caused by common household food, beverages water/oil/alcohol-based products and human and pet bodily fluids.

  3. Leather Stain Warranty
    Art Van Furniture encourages our guests to protect purchased leather merchandise with our leather stain warranty. This program includes an odorless, colorless conditioner and protection cream which prohibits dirt and stains from penetrating the leather or vinyl, allowing spills to be easily blotted or wiped away without leaving a trace. The cream also acts as a conditioner to prevent cracking and peeling. Also included is an all-natural cleaner that provides gentle and effective cleaning for leather.

    The Art Van 10-year Leather Protection Program Includes:
    Coverage for stains caused by common household food, beverages, lipstick, ink or other water/oil/alcohol-based products and human and pet bodily fluids. Coverage for leather cracking or peeling. Free lifetime replacements of your leather cleaning and protection products.

Do you offer layaway?

  1. You may reserve the sale price of non-Clearance Center, regularly-stocked items and delay delivery for up to 60 days. A payment must be made every 14 days to keep the order in good standing or it may result in cancellation of the order. Merchandise on layaway is not physically held so the order may be canceled if the manufacturer discontinues the item(s). Online purchases are not eligible for layaway.

What is the required deposit for a layaway purchase?

  1. 25% of the total balance is due at the time the merchandise is put into layaway. An additional 25% is due every 14 days until the 60 days layaway period is met and the balance is complete.

Can you make a payment online for your store layaway?

  1. You must visit a store to make a payment for your merchandise that has been placed on layaway.

What is your return policy?

  1. Furniture
    For furniture, we offer a one-time reselection or a refund within 7 days of receiving your merchandise:
    1.) If you choose a similar item of lesser value than the one being returned, we refund the difference
    2.) If you choose an item of greater value than the one being returned, you are charged the difference
    3.) If you choose a refund, you will be charged a 15% return fee on the total price of all returned merchandise (including fabric or leather protection)
    4.) Delivery fees apply to reselections and refunds
  1. Mattresses
    Advanced sleep research has shown it may take several weeks for our bodies to adjust to the proper support of a new mattress. If you have met one of our 3 Total Satisfaction Comfort Guarantee purchase requirements and, after a minimum of 30 nights, you are unable to comfortably adjust to the support of your new mattress, you have up to the 60th day from your original delivery date to make a one-time reselection.
  1. Clearance Center
    Our Clearance Center offers close-outs, discontinued items, special purchases and manufacturers buy-outs all at the lowest price possible. Sorry, we cannot return, exchange or refund Clearance Center merchandise - all merchandise is final sale. Read our complete Return Policy here.

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