Donate used office furniture

Latest Modern Home Office Furniture Nyc On With Hd Resolution

MDA accepts product donations of computers, software, office equipment, furniture, supplies and similar items for use in local offices. Product donations are also needed for MDA Summer Camp and special events. Your product donations provide a valuable supplement to financial contributions and help MDA direct our resources to research, care and support for our families.

Read on for details about how you can help with:

  • office equipment
  • office furniture
  • office supplies
  • activity and craft supplies
  • medical equipment and supplies

Office equipment

Telephone systems, cell phones, photocopiers, fax machines, Kroy machines and other office equipment that you’re considering replacing may be of value to MDA’s local office serving your area. Please contact your local MDA office for more information.

Office furniture

Is your company considering buying new office furniture? Please consider donating your used office furniture to MDA. Desks, credenzas, tables, chairs, shelves and office dividers may be needed by the MDA office serving your area. Contact your local MDA office for more information.

Office supplies

An in-kind donation of office supplies would help MDA direct more of its resources to services benefiting kids and adults with muscle-debilitating diseases. An acknowledgment letter confirming the value of your gift will be provided for tax purposes. Please contact your local MDA office for more information.

Activity and craft supplies

Activity and craft supplies are needed for MDA Summer Camps that offer the best week of the year for children with neuromuscular diseases at no cost to their families. To learn more about supporting a camp in your area, please contact your local MDA office. For more information about MDA Summer Camp, visit our Summer Camp page.

Medical equipment and supplies

Medical equipment — including gently used wheelchairs, hospital beds, walkers, communication devices, etc. — are critical to helping kids and adults with muscular dystrophy and related diseases maintain independence and quality of life. MDA is always seeking medical equipment for our local loan equipment program. Donated items are made available at no cost to individuals with muscular dystrophy and related diseases. Please contact your local MDA office for more information.

MDA Summer Camps need an available supply of first-aid and medical items to care for the inevitable bumps, scrapes and other needs that arise with campers. To learn more about the camp in your area, please contact your local MDA office. For more information about MDA's Summer Camp program, visit our Summer Camp page.

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