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FISHERS, Ind. - The IKEA in Fishers is on schedule to open this fall and if it’s like any of the previous grand openings we’ve seen you could have a chance at scoring some free furniture.

The blue walls have begun going up on the much-awaited store as progress continues on the 296, 000 square-foot building on the eastern side of I-69, just south of the 116th Street exit.

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In the past, grand openings for the Swedish chain have drawn hundreds of shoppers, both to check out their wares and for a chance to scores some free furniture.

The store had planned to give away 26 sofas and 100 armchairs to the first customers in line. But because of the large crowd, the store decided to give them away in a lottery-style drawing.

At the grand opening of the chain's Memphis store in December, 43 sofas and 100 chairs were given away to the first customers in line. Then 42 mattresses were given away the next day and 42 monthly meatball meals on the third day. They also gave out 100 toys to the first 100 children in the store.

ALSO | Six things we LOVE about IKEA

While IKEA has not officially announced giveaways for their Fishers store, looking through past grand openings suggests that we’re likely to see the same type of hype here in Indiana.

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Original Gourmet Original Gourmet Lollipops, Cotton Candy, 30 Count
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  • Perfect for parties, a candy-bar, a balloon weight, for trips in the car and to give-away when the new baby arrives - instead (or in addition) of cigars

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