Used furniture for free

Used Furniture Pick Up :

Drop it Off. Drop off at our stores, 7 days a week! Your tax-deductible donations of new and used clothing, furniture, fine art and housewares directly benefit Desert AIDS Project.

*Only Coachella Valley locations

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Items We Cannot Accept
It's hard to say "no thank you" to a donation. However, if an item is not in clean, saleable condition, the costs handling or disposal pulls funds that would otherwise support our mission. Management reserves the right to refuse any donation. Please dispose of these items through an alternative responsible resource, such as your local recycling center. Unfortunately, we cannot accept certain items including but not limited to:

  • Large items that do not work. Microwave ovens, copy machines. We cannot repair these items.
  • Encyclopedias. These items are not saleable in our stores and cannot be recycled.
  • Paint and chemicals of any kind. Revivals Stores are not allowed to sell or dispose of these items in a landfill.
  • Large truck loads of items when over 50% of the load is unusable.
  • CPSC frequently recalled items. Infant furniture, car seats, baby cribs, strollers, carriages, playpens/play yards, children's items containing lead or phthalates.
  • Weapons and munitions of any kind
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Slipstick Slipstick CB654 2 Inch Lift Furniture Risers / Bed Risers, Adds 2" Height to Heavy Furniture or Beds (Set of 4) Supports 2,000 lbs
Home Improvement (Slipstick)
  • Raises beds, couches, armchairs, desks, sofas, and other heavy stationary furniture height 2 inches to assist the sit to stand process and boost ergonomics
  • Adds additional height/storage space under beds and furniture making cleaning underneath furniture easier (great for robot vacuums)
  • Lifts heavy bedroom, living room, and home office furniture to a more ergonomically correct height that provides a safer biomechanical advantage to user
  • Recessed holder cup with memory foam cushion pad built into top of risers securely locks in furniture legs and caster wheels 1.25 to 3 diameter
  • This 4 pack of heavy-duty floor protecting furniture risers will support 2, pounds (500 lb weight capacity per riser cup)
Inexpensive Wireless Security Systems, Wireless Security Door Stop with Alarm, Single Room Privacy. Secures Your Room From Unwanted Intruders with Wedged Force and Loud Alarm. Used in Dorms, Hotels, Office, Apartments, Homes, Doors and Windows. Secure Your Window with the Motion Senser, If It Is Moved It Alarms. Watch who you buy from, the other suppliers ship from China. We ship from Amazon USA.
Office Product (J 7)
  • Inexpensive Wireless Super Safety Wedge & Warning Alarm for Office, Travel, Home, House, Dorm Room, Apartment, Hotel With Siren System Door Alert
  • 3 Motion Sensitivity Levels-Low-Medium-High and Runs on one standard 9 volt battery easy to install.
  • Extra Loud Alarm is a 120 dB siren when protected door is opened. Acts as a door wedge to stop an intruder from entering
  • Wedge shaped door stop design prevents further entry the harder they push. Inexpensive and portable solution for hotel doors, offices, dormitory room entrances...
  • Bottom of door alarm has anti-slide pads to hold it secure. Three position motion sensitivity control activates the alarm if the unit is moved.
OFF Heritage Hill Complete Executive Desk Set
Furniture (OFF)
  • Heritage Hill Complete Executive Desk Set
  • Set includes: executive desk, credenza, hutch and lateral file Construction: laminate Drawers: six hanging file, three box and two convertible center Ships ready...
The Upgrade Seat, 100% Natural Latex Foam Portable Seat Cushion for Travel, Office, Autos, Wheelchairs and Sport Events (Extra Thick) - GENUINE LEATHER COVER IN BLACK
Health and Beauty (Chi Vang)
  • A CONFIRMED UPGRADE for any seat whenever you need it. Guaranteed.
  • Unobtrusive, versatile and practical to use in planes, autos, at home, office, sports events or for wheelchairs.
  • Made of eco-friendly, biodegradable materials - no synthetics. Antimicrobial, dust mite resistant and mildew proof. Certified by the ECO Institute, Germany.
  • Comes with removable outer cover of genuine goat skin, inner cover and a travel case.
  • This leather model is designed for those that want a more luxurious look and texture as well as low maintainence. A travel case will be provided upon request.
UV Black-Light Flashlight Pet Urine Detector. Ultra-Bright Led Cordless Stain Finder for Detecting Dry Dog Cat and Pet Urine/Pee. GranPaws Stain Seeker BLACK Color. A Unique Gift Giving Idea.
Pet Products (GranPaws)
  • THE MOST POWERFUL and SUPER BRIGHT UV STAIN DETECTOR FLASHLIGHT Find and Remove your Dogs, Cats or other Pet Urine Stains that You SMELL but Cant See with the Naked...
  • SMALL, EASY TO USE and LIGHTWEIGHT With its ergonomic design and light weight material; anyone can use our stain cleaning light! Our black light has a sleek small...
  • SAVE TIME and MONEY Dont waste your time on other pet supplies that cost lots of money and only mask the odour left on your carpet and floors. With our light you...
  • GRANPAWS CARES About the ENVIRONMENT and hope YOU DO TOO. We do not ship our lights with low quality Batteries just to say they are included. We encourage you to...
  • A UNIQUE GIFT FOR ANY PET OWNER Men or Women What a Great way to surprise a friend with a gift they will love.

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