Scrap yard furniture

Krystal O Mara Makes Unique Furniture from Recycled Bike Parts
  • accept up to 1 cubic yard of scrap metal (or items at least 80% metal) at no charge.
  • Items must be at least 80% metal to qualify for scrap metal recycling at CSWD Drop-Off Centers.

Some common examples of scrap metal items include:

  • caps and lids from jars and bottles
  • bicycles and exercise equipment
  • desks
  • electrical wiring and strings of lights
  • filing cabinets
  • shelving
  • grills
  • lawn furniture
  • screens
  • doors and windows (remove glass panes if possible)
  • nails, nuts, bolts
  • siding and roofing material
  • pots & pans, including metal cookware that is coated with teflon, enamel, or ceramic coating.
  • Customers are responsible for loading their items into the scrap metal container. If an item is too heavy or bulky to load safely (such as a cast iron tub or riding lawn mower), customers can pay a $5.00 equipment loading fee which allows them to unload the item in a designated staging area for later loading by equipment operators.
  • Please empty engines (e.g. lawn mowers) of oil & gas before bringing them in. Fixed head drums must be free of any sludge residue and have either their heads removed or a one foot hole cut into them.

The following items MAY NOT be placed in the scrap metal container at CSWD Drop-Off Centers:

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Singer Salvager Yard Car T-Shirt Short Sleeve Black Size XL
Apparel ()
  • Please check the delivery time before confirm order.
  • Singer Salvager Yard Car T Shirt
  • 6.1 oz. 100% preshrunk cotton
  • High Quality Standard Fit
  • Hand wash in cold water
Ashley Signature Design by Ashley B251-92 Juararo Collection Nightstand, Dark Brown
Furniture (Ashley)
  • Warm, rustic and naturally beautiful, holds all bedside essentials with ageless appeal
  • Made of manmade wood
  • Pewter-tone hardware
  • 2 drawers
  • Vintage finish over replicated oak grain

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