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“I have nothing but wonderful things to say on you guys behalf. I am more than grateful for the service I received. You guys just didn’t help me with some furniture. You helped give me the boost in confidence to develop autonomy and independence and make it on my own. Everyone needs help sometimes and I am so happy you guys helped me when I needed it most.”
God Bless, A grateful client
(Thank you note from someone we helped)Recycling Furniture for Families (RF4F) is a non-denominational Christian charity giving gently used furniture and basic home furnishings to pre-screened people in need.

We cooperate with more than 50 local service agencies and churches. They pre-screen people for referrals–who must also pass our pre-screening. Pre-screening includes documentation of income and number of people in a household, among other information.

We give furniture to people living at or below the poverty line ($11, 940 annual income for one person–$4, 020 for each additional person.) Last fiscal year we helped 430 families and gave them 8, 063 larger furniture pieces. But when smaller items–like knife sets and shower curtains are added in–we give away roughly three times more than larger items we count. We’ve helped people and helped save the earth for a decade.

We accept furniture at our warehouse but many items are picked up from our donor’s homes by our volunteers. We depend a great deal on monetary donations from individuals, businesses, churches, service groups and others to keep us helping the most needy in our community with essentials for basic human dignity. Your charity dollar goes far–we have a handful of paid employees and 50 volunteers.

We started in 2002 as a referral agency to assist victims of domestic violence. In 2003-2004 we evolved into a furniture bank to better facilitate our mission. Typically the people we help find housing through cooperating social service agencies, but cannot afford even second-hand home furnishing. We are part of Partners for Community, a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt not-for-profit ministry and a member of McLean County’s Continuum of Care Homeless Service Providers Network.

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