Where to Dump old furniture?

Where To Dump Old Furniture In Raleigh Nc - Best Furiture 2017

(970) 498-5760
(970) 498-5770 (24-hour information line)

Location and Hours

The Larimer County Landfill is located south of Fort Collins on Taft Hill Road about two miles south of Harmony Road. From Loveland, drive north on Wilson Ave. about 6 miles north of the city limits. The address is 5887 S. Taft Hill Rd., Fort Collins.

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Saturday
(Note: each department at the Landfill has varied hours. Refer to the Solid Waste main page.

For up-to-the-minute information on unexpected landfill closures (due to wind, etc.), call our 24-hour information line at (970) 498-5770. Press 1 for for landfill, then press 1 again for closures and hours.

You can now subscribe to instant closure information and get weather related landfill closure information sent directly to your cellphone or email account. We will need your phone number and carrier or email address. This is a free service giving you up to the minute information about landfill weather related closures.

Covered Load Policy

All waste, regardless of type, size or weight must be completely enclosed with a cover and secured to your vehicle. This includes trash in plastic bags. Our uncovered load policy is strictly enforced; if you don't cover it, you'll be charged double fees.

Customers are responsible for uncovering their loads as well as offloading their trash at both the landfill and the transfer stations.

What's the difference between a sanitary landfill and a dump?

A sanitary landfill is operated in accordance with government regulations, which include covering the trash with a layer of dirt or other material at the end of every day, and monitoring air emissions and groundwater.

A dump is simply a place where people dump their trash, turn around, and walk away. The trash is not covered and the surrounding environment is not monitored. Many sanitary landfills began as dumps prior to the advent of government-imposed landfill regulations. Today, however, dumps are illegal in the United States.

The Larimer County Landfill is, of course, a sanitary landfill!

Furniture and Appliances

Large appliances ("white goods") and scrap metal brought to the Larimer County Landfill are kept separate from regular trash and picked up and recycled by Aragon Iron and Metal (Fort Collins). Appliances and large items such as sofas, wire spools, and large pieces of furniture are accepted only at the Larimer County Landfill (not at the transfer stations). Appliances containing Freon, like air conditioners, freezers, and refrigerators, are charged a set fee (see below), which includes a handling charge and Freon removal. All other appliances and large items are charged the same as regular trash.

If you have only appliances or other large items and no other loose trash, you do not have to tarp the load, but you must tie them securely to your vehicle or you will be charged for an uncovered load.

Lead-acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries (such as car batteries) are to be placed on the trailer marked "Batteries" located at the landfill. Rocky Mountain Battery and Recycling (Fort Collins) periodically picks up the batteries for recycling. Residents do not have to pay a fee for recycling these batteries. Other types of batteries are also accepted through our hazardous waste program.

The Larimer County Landfill is nestled against
the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, between
Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado. The site
handles approximately 600 tons of trash per day.

Landfill Fees

We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

– use this handy online calculator to estimate your fee.

– Fee schedule effective January 1, 2017

Sorry, No Free Days
The Solid Waste office receives inquires fairly often about "free days" at the landfill. The Larimer County Landfill stopped offering annual free days 15 years ago for many reasons, including the traffic hazard it created along Taft Hill Road. The department does not foresee any free programs like this starting up again in the future. Feel free to contact your trash service provider to see if it offers any sort of reduced pricing on trash hauling.


The landfill is operated by Larimer County, but it is jointly owned by Larimer County (25%), the City of Fort Collins (50%), and the City of Loveland (25%). Fort Collins opened the landfill in 1963. Larimer County assumed operating responsibility in 1975. The south borrow area (where we get the dirt for cover material) is owned 100% by Larimer County.

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